Miss Representation

The fact that the ridiculous and unrealistic portrayal of women is being perpetuated by a small minority is the most offensive thing that this documentary points out. What’s worse is it’s not what men find attractive it’s what a group of people for the most part think the general population wants. So not only is it this unrealistic expectation that is hurting the psyche of women, it’s not even what that group of people necessarily think it attractive. We’re being given this image of how women are supposed to be because it is apparently what we want. Super Models are modeling clothes that the general population can’t even afford, and yet they are the standard of beauty for all women.

It also forced me to really think about how I see female politicians, most notably for me Nancy Pelosi. I am in no way a fan of hers, her politics are on the opposite side of the spectrum from me on almost all counts, she is in no way alone in this, yet of all politicians she is the only one I often think of as a B#$%@. Now her role as the minority leader (and before that the Majority leader) in the house certainly contributes to why I would have a more negative view of her than other politicians, but I have to wonder how much of that is general distaste for what she represents versus how much of that is how female politicians are painted (where qualities we tend to applaud in men are marks against women). It’s a tough realization to come to: would I consider her the male equivalent to that word if she were a man instead of a woman? Is my distaste for her really because of her or is part of it the way I have been shaped to view women in power.

Also something that gnaws at me is the fact that I am trying to justify my stance that any female politicians is a you-know-what. Isn’t distaste for her enough why do I label it further?  I mean in the previous paragraph I try and reason out whether that categorization is one I made on my own, why am I trying to justify giving someone a label as loaded as that.

FYI – I wrote the 2nd paragraph and then opted not to change it but instead use the 3rd paragraph to look even deeper into the issues raised by the documentary. Obviously trying to justify labeling someone like that seems pretty messed up, but instead of pretending I didn’t try to do that I felt it would be better to keep it the same and use it as an further example of how we label people almost subconsciously.


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