The Nature of Science

The following words describe the Nature of Science:

Logical. Deterministic. General. Parsimonious. Specific. Empirically verifiable. Intersubjective. Open to modification.

I attached those words to words that hold significant value to me to help with the memory process:

Lilburn, Dodd, Georgia Tech, Packers, Scouts, Eagle Verified, Iceman, Orioles.

Lilburn – Where I grew up

Dodd – As in Bobby Dodd  former Tech Coach and place (Bobby Dodd Stadium) where I spend most Saturdays in the fall.

Georgia Tech – fan since birth

Packers – favorite pro team

Scouts – Lifetime scouter

Eagle Verified – I’m an Eagle Scout and it is one of my proudest achievements

Iceman – favorite super hero

Orioles – favorite baseball team


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