WARNING: First Post!

I have always wanted to do this but it took taking a class that requires it to finally get me on one of these blog sites.

This post will not be considered canon to my blog, it is simply a quick introduction in which I will try my hand at the basics of blogging.

I haven’t figured out if the blog will have a theme, so I certainly haven’t decided on what that theme would be, but I gurantee you my posts, at least in the beginning, will have to do with my interests. Because I’m sure you don’t know my interests at this point I’ll list a few below, in no particular order.


I was born and raised a Georgia Tech fan (I root for all their sports), this fall will be my first season as an actual season ticket holder. I went to all the home games last year, and have only missed a handful in the past 5 years but for the first time I have my own season tickets in my own name so I am very excited for when Toe Meets Leather on the Flats (for the uninformed “Toe meets Leather” is when the game would start, it’s a saying the Late Al Ciraldo would use at the top of his broadcasts, and the Flats is a nickname given to the Grant Field, where Tech has played football since 1913). Because I grew up in a non NFL household I had no rearing in terms of finding a team, my first experience (or at least the one I most remember) was Super Bowl 32, my mom asked me who I thought would win and I said the Packers. Though the Packers lost that game the seed was planted, one of my great friends at day care hailed from Wisconsin and was a Packers fan, that added to the fire, and then there was Dorsey Levens (former GT running back and starter throughout the Packers SB seasons)). I became a fan of Brett Favre and because I had no real attachment to the Falcons I became a Packers fan first and a Falcons fan second. There are reasons why it makes sense for a Tech fan to resent the Falcons, but I’m not going to bore you with those, bottom line my dad was not a falcons fan, he passively cheers for them each Sunday but what he really cares about are the GT alums in the NFL.


I am an Atlanta Braves fan and a Baltimore Orioles fan. Being a Braves fan came from living in the metro-Atlanta area, being an Orioles fan started when I received an orange Orioles shirt at a young age. It became my favorite shirt and I wore it as much as I could before finally growing out of it. I was a big Cal Ripken Jr. fan and really enjoyed their uniforms. Their move back to the Oriole Bird (official name for the Cartoon bird they wore for most of their existence), and the bringing back of the orange alternate really got me excited about this season, and then they surprised everyone and was in first place through May. They are still right there in the race for the Wildcard and are still in a position to take the division. Baseball allows for a fan to have multiple allegiances more than any other sport, especially when they are in opposite leagues. The Braves and the Orioles only play each other a handful of times every couple of years and because the season is so long those handful of games really don’t affect the team’s overall success.


I root for the Hawks, but because of the disparity in the league it is hard to get excited at any point in the season. I used to root for whoever Matt Harpring (2nd all-time scorer in Georgia History), but he is for all intents and purposes is retired (never officially announced, but he’s too far removed from the game to ever go back).


I became a Penguins fan long before Malkin and Crosby were in the league (so don’t try labeling me a bandwagon fan, fair-weather fan, perhaps, bandwagon fan absolutely not). The fact that they were a professional sports team, going by the name Penguins was what drew me in (big fan of the flightless bird), Mario Lemieux and his career are what locked me in. I was a fan of the Thrashers and hope we get another shot at Hockey in Atlanta (making the right moves will get fans in the seats, doing what ASG did will not), in fact if I am ever rich enough I will move a team here and they will be named the Phoenix (as in rising out of the ashes, like the City did following Sherman’s march and like any new hockey team will need to rise out of the bad past of the Flames and the Thrashers).


I’ve played this sport throughout my life, it started with “The Big Green” which got me into the sport as a kid and prompted me to join a league, and I played organized soccer from age 5 to age 18. I continue to play it unorganized but not nearly as much as I would like to.  I love cheering on the US soccer teams (men’s and women’s), but I find it hard to get attached to the professional teams (since the MLS is a 2nd/3rd rate league, and I don’t have the urge to follow one of the top rate leagues).


Comics! I collect them, I read them, and I enjoy when they cross over to other mediums. I’ll play a bad video game if it has a character that I like same goes with movies, and TV Shows.

I play video games of all genres but I tend to play sports games the most, but I’m also a big fan of Comics and video games colliding.

I enjoy keeping up with uniform changes, especially when it comes to football uniforms, I pass time by coming up with new looks for teams, and occasionally will go so far as to render them on the computer. For example I created a look for Kennesaw State’s football team (my college), which starts play in 2014, unfortunately for me, my custom font and logos used are no longer valid as the university rolled out new logos and a custom font this past summer. I did the same for Georgia Tech, and plan on sending them to the GTAA at some point. I run a thread on Operation Sports that reports the various changes in college football uniforms, for EA to use to determine what changes need to be made. It’s really exciting this year as EA will be updating uniforms during the season instead of having to wait until next year’s game to make the changes.

I thoroughly enjoy comedy, I listen to podcasts about comedy, comedy movies make up the majority of my top 10 list, and I tend to listen to comedy albums more than music on my Zune (yeah I have a Zune). I have even developed my own set and performed it a couple of times, I am constantly thinking of new jokes, and really want to try my hand at it again sometime soon.

In Closing:

I feel like I may have gone to long on this, but it is my first attempt and I feel its best to try and get as much about me out there as possible so you can get an idea of what my blog will be about. I spent a lot of time focusing on sports it was only to explain why I have my particular allegiances, I will post about sports but I will post about my other interests just as much if not more. I will try and improve my brevity so future posts are so long. So bear with me on this, this is something I am learning to do, and it’s going to be bumpy at the start, but I promise it will get better.


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